I know I keep harping on the awesomeness of the Hennessy Artistry event in Detroit this past weekend but it is hard to stop talking about.

From a kick ass show, excellent venue & environment to getting fan swag from Questlove. Just a total win!

Even with all the good shit that I was exposed to, nothing can top talking to Chaka Khan & saying I know you, I live you to her. It was the first thing to come out of my mouth & she smiled.  “I Know You, I Live You” is hands down my favorite Chaka Khan song!

After I photographed Chaka, she was whisked off & I ran out to enjoy & shoot the show.

Fast forward about 1.5 hours or so & Chaka is being introduced as the special surprise guest.  As soon as she walked out, the crowd went CRAZY! Screaming, jumping & I think I saw someone toss a bra out.  It was total pandemonium!

I lost my mind & had a hard time photographing because I was way too caught up in the moment!

Chaka put on one helluva show, it was a short set but it was a helluva set!  She performed:

– Tell Me Something Good
– Sweet Thing
– Ain’t Nobody
– I’m Every Woman

During “Ain’t Nobody,” she really showed out! She dropped it like it was hot 3 or 4 times & each time coming up with a kick into the air. It fucked me up! Chaka Khan dropping it like it was hot & scrubbing the ground (57 and doing it like she’s 27). It was not like real life….

Then all hell broke loose when she performed “I’m Every Woman!” Mindspill

If you saw my video coverage then you may have noticed how shaky the video was during Chaka’s performance. That’s because I was dancing my ass off. It was to the point that someone behind me tapped me on the shoulder and jokingly said calm down.

How could I possible calm down, I’m dancing live to Chaka Kahn who’s standing less than 10 feet away from me?

And then what had happened was…. Chaka comes to the left side of the stage & was waving at the crowd. I reached my hand out toward her & called her name. She reached back, grabbed my hand & held on to it for a nice while. It felt like an eternity. Time slowed & the sound became muffled.

As she released me, I was almost faint from the pleasure of the orgasm that she gave me. I was done. I was finished. I was not right. I was touched by CHAKAMUTHAFUCKINGKHAN.

All day yesterday, all I could do was talk about being touched by Chaka! As soon as I woke up, I called my momma & was like guess what? I was touched by Chaka Khan! She was like, I’m sleep tell me about it later. Clearly she was not as excited as I was.