Last night I shot the Hennessy Artistry event in Detroit for my friends at Soul Bounce.

The event was on the low low & not many people knew about it. Of the few people that knew about it, no one seemed to know the artist line up outside of The Roots, Q Tip & D Nice.

Friday afternoon when I got the official press release, I almost, well no I did scream. For this edition of HA, we had The Roots, Q Tip,Jay Electronica, Big Krit, Marsha Ambrosius, Travie McCoy, D-Nice & special musical icon(?)!

So I show up at the event & the only thing on my mind was finding out who the special quest was.  I didn’t expect to pry the information out of my contacts but I did get it after some silver-tongued bullshiting like only I do.

When I found out that the special musical icon was Chaka Khan, I busted on myself. Chaka Khan performing with The Roots? Are you serious? Chaka Mutha Fucking Khan!

After I collected myself, caught my breath & cleaned up the accident I had, I walked into the venue.

Immediately I began to wonder where I was. Was I in Detroit at Bert’s Warehouse? The place is pretty much a dump but not last night. Bert’s was transformed into a large ultra chic lounge befitting for the finest of Detroit tastemakers.

Sexy lounge seating areas were scattered about, an art gallery was up with life size hip-hop portraits captured by rapper/photographer D Nice and pieces from local artists also decorated the walls. And the VIP area looked like a REAL VIP area and not the shit we normally see in Detroit.

Just when you thought it could get no better, it did. Sexy model/goddess like women dressed in gold lamé mini dresses were handing out delicious mixed Hennessy cocktails. THEN the food. Oh the food!!!! Jumbo coconut shrimp, caprese salad on skewers & sausage stuffed pretzel puffs. I dined, drank, & mingled like a champ. I would also like to report that I danced my ass off as well, especially when the DJ played “Blow The Whistle” (that’s my JAM!).

Way before the show started, I was in love with Hennessy for transforming the space at Bert’s & creating an environment that made me feel like I was at some joint in New York or Miami. It really was all that. To illustrate, almost everyone that I talked to was tripping over the fact that the venue was Bert’s but didn’t look like Bert’s. The shit was like a dream. Crazy!

So the show happened, then it ended & I was all fucked up over it. I’ll get into those details in a post or two to come.

For now, please enjoy the video compilation of performances from last night. And of course photos will be coming soon!