The post title is inspired by First Choice’s song “The Player” from their “The Player” album (1974).

“Girls I’m telling you, he’ll be knocking at at cha door.

If you let him in one time, he’s gonna come back for more.

Drives around at night. Living in his fancy car.

Breaking hearts, going left to right. He don’t care who you are.

Cause he’s a player.


He’ll get next to you.

He’s a player.


This is what he’ll do.

He’ll shoot you down. Right down to the ground, He’ll shoot you down. Right down to the ground.”

I never got his name & I almost didn’t get his photo.

When I approached him & asked his permission to photograph him, he said no.

He then asked why I wanted to take his photo. I told him it was because he was styling & profiling in the highest manner. He then asked me where I was from.  I told him Detroit.

All of the sudden his calloused demeanor softened & he said that’s all you had to say, I’m from Detroit too. Then he gave me a huge smile & pose. After the shot, he shook my hand & walked away with a mean pimp switch & sway.

As I watched him disappear into a sea of people I wondered if he had a theme song. Every player has a theme song!