I mentioned in my Nicholas K post that I was having all kinds of issues in regards to my camera because I had to hold the camera freehand. All 10lbs worth.

I was not happy with my Nicholas K photos but many were salvageable & not really all that bad.

With the Rebecca Taylor show, I had my monopod in full effect, I had a decent space on the riser & wasn’t too crowded in. Good shit right? Well, no it wasn’t good shit. It was bad shit.

For some reason, I kept missing shots. Shots that I got were not focused well. It was not good for me at all.

When the show ended I was disappointed with myself. How could I fuck up an entire runway show with $7500.oo worth of equipment??? Just blah!

Better luck next time? I’m counting on it!

And I wasn’t going to say this out loud but I hated the runway color choice. It was distracting.
The NYLA Report September 24, 2010
By: Asia Willis

Inspired by Jerry Hall circa 1970s, Rebecca Taylor delivered a flawless collection of feminine silhouettes that were both playful and sophisticated. With dresses and onesies made up of soft pastel hues, vibrant cherry reds and grassy greens styled with matching sunglasses, she mixed 70s glamour with a laid-back Cali girl vibe.

Girls with top-knotted buns, orangey-red pouts, and gold hoops strutted in sheer blouses and knits — sans bra, of course! Bright pops of color — like a great coral red trench — poked out amongst a generally nude collection of looks, and an adorable pink leopard print especially caught my attention. There were several sheer pleated skirts, all which came to the knee or longer, sometimes with tiers. Filled with flowy, vibrant designs, this collection will definitely have you grooving next spring.

To check out the entire slideshow of runway photos click here.