I don’t know how it happened but Asia tricked me into photographing the Diane von Furstenberg show. She not only got me to do the show but she did it with a smile that made it seem like it she was my daughter looking at me with those eyes like daughters do.

It was all good though because as I mentioned in a previous post, the schedule got twisted a bit & I decided to not shoot another show. Somehow it all balanced out.

So after the Rebecca Taylor show, I made a mad dash to DVF to line up.  When I got to the tent where it was being held, I was almost shocked with how many photogs that were already lined up. It was bananas.  All the while, I’m thinking, if I get a bad spot, I’m just not going to bother.

You see after shooting shows for 4 days, I was nearing the end of my rope. I was tired, irritable, bitchy, my breath was tart & on this day I forgot deodorant. I was a mess!

After being in this crazy line for 45 minutes, they finally open the doors for the photogs  & you would have thought they were giving out free government cheese and food stamps. It was like a fucking stampede. And then you have these Italian cats that were trying to force everyone out of the way. One even tried to cut past me by putting his arm in front of me.

Are you serious? I’m Tafari bitch! This shit is simply not acceptable. With that said. I paused and shut him down as I proceeded to take my place in the riser.  That shit was hectic.

So now that I’m in my spot and set up, everything was good so I thought. Then this chick stands on a box right in front of me blocking my shot. I asked her if she could position differently & she was like no I cannot rudely.

Not only was she tall, but she had this ridiculous wig on & it only exacerbated the situation. I was hot & about to call security on her ass. Trust me, security had been called a few times this season on photographers.

If you were following me on Twitter then you know that a photographer got snatched out of the riser for being uncooperative in his positioning. Then there was also a shouting match that jumped off. Then there was a shoving match. All this drama jumped off at different shows. Crazy right!?!?! One night over drinks with my friends from “Iconography The Magazine,” I heard of even more drama in the photo riser.

I have to say that I was warned by Piper Carter way before hand but damn so I was somewhat prepared for a little drama!

OK, now the audience is coming into the tent & I’m still pissed off about this chick standing right in front of me. Actually several people were asking her to move.

About 5 minutes before the show started, she left, only to be replaced by some tall man. I’m like WTF!

He wound up being very nice, unlike that bitch and worked to make sure that he was not in my shot.

After the show, he apologized for any drama & it was all good. I got what I needed & nobody got hurt!

Once my things were packed away, I rolled up out that peace headed to Harlem for dinner at Amy Ruth’s. I was so looking forward to that but I was not looking forward to navigating NYC without an umbrella and no cash to give one of the African umbrella guys that were everywhere.  I just sucked it up.  It was like my husky ass was not going to melt.

Oh wait, before I left Lincoln Center, I bumped into Rachel Zoe & Brad.  Brad was really nice; Rachel on the other hand made me hungry just looking at her. That woman needs a big bowl of cheese grits.
The NYLA Report September 23, 2010
By: Asia Willis

Diane von Furstenberg is best known for her iconic wrap dress, but she continues to reinvent herself every season while staying true to her aesthetic. Filled with vivid prints and feminine draping, the show was like Greek goddess meets Crayola crayon.

The Mediterranean vibe was conveyed best by the Greek key trims on many looks, along with a number of geometric patterns on both tops and dresses with soft, flowy draping. As a designer who has become a legend for creating sexy silhouettes, showcased woman’s femininity without being over-the-top girly.

Ode to the inner goddess within every modern woman, it’s no surprise that DVF designs to complement every curve and line in a woman’s body. Color illuminated the runway with bright hues such as cobalt, yellow, rich tans and coral.

Anna Wintour (Vogue editor-in-chief), Grace Coddington (Vogue creative director), Sarah Jessica Parker (actress), Andy Cohen (Bravo TV executive) and Anderson Cooper (CNN anchor) were all spotted front row. Anderson Cooper? Really??!

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