Day three of my fashion week started off with the Vivienne Tam show. I woke up late because I went to bed at 4am after a night of shits & giggles with my homeboy watching white people dance in the village.

So I show up to the jump off sleepy & HOOONGRY! Luckily I had that backstage access so I was able to set the eats off and I did! I love saying I had backstage access.

The great thing about backstage access is the abundant food and drink! Seriously.

Once my belly was satisfied, I put in that work!

I was already loving Vivienne Tam for the simple fact that she had a totally diverse line up of models. In fact, up until I did her show, most of the models looked alike. And when the models did the finale walk, you could hardly tell one from another.

Some shows had a Black girl here or there, an Asian girl here or there but that was it. So Vivienne got my unofficial Diversity Award for Best Model Line up. After her show, I started to see more faces of color and felt better about what I thought was going to be a continuing trend of lack of diversity on the runway.

After the show, I made my way back stage to scheme up a plan to make the Zac Posen show happen and I did. Who gone check me boo?
The NYLA Report September 22, 2010
By: Asia Willis

Moving away from her signature East-meets-West aesthetic, Vivienne Tam’s spring collection was a bit more relaxed. With a twist on hippie style, the collection was heavy on lace and patchwork in a slouchy, loose style that gave off a modern bohemian vibe.

Crochet cotton dresses uttered relaxation and bold ethnic prints that any world traveler could admire gave this collection a global appeal. Each piece was like a peculiar treasure that you would only find in a thrift store.

The collection was a nomad’s dream with minimal splashes of denim accentuated patchwork and beaded dresses. Kendra Wilkinson (E! reality TV star), Serena Williams and Denise Richards all graced the front row.

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