Saturday of fashion week my schedule got all twisted up & I decided that I would shoot the Diane von Furstenberg show instead of  the Vassilios Kostetsos show.

I had a seat (row 3) at the Vassilios Kostetsos show & I decided to actually enjoy the show from a seat instead of fighting for a space in the photo pit.

After the DVF show, I decided to head to Harlem for dinner at Amy Ruth’s.

I had been craving Amy Ruth’s for a while & I had 3 hours to get a great meal.

To get to this meal, I had to take 2 trains and a bus in the rain with no umbrella. I was bound & determined to sit at Amy Ruth’s to have that honey dipped fried chicken, collard greens & off the HOOK mac n cheese.

About an hour after leaving Lincoln Center, I show up at Amy Ruth’s, ordered my food & thought to myself; this shit better be good after all of that.

Well, it was. It was probably the best meal that I had in NYC that week. And I had some GREAT food.

So now I’m full and headed back to Lincoln Center in the rain. As soon as I step out of Amy Ruth’s I notice the art work above. I don’t know how I missed it the 1st time around. Maybe I was just so damn focused on the food.

Whatever the case, this piece totally put me in a good headspace. The vibrant colors, the texture, the pronounced features, the everything!

OK, now I’m on the bus, I’m stuffed full of great soul food & excited about watching the Vassilios Kostetsos show. Good shit right? Well it all came crashing down when I got on the bus headed downtown and I spot this hot ass mess!

Total buzz kill!