Nicholas K was the first show of the season & the 1st major runway shoot of my life. The night before I was so excited & super nervous about being able to make it happen.

The next morning before the show began, I realized that all of my nervousness was for a good reason & that’s because I left my ball head (mono/tripod mount) at home.

How was I gonna hold 10 pounds of camera & lens & still get unusable shots? I had no idea but I had to do what I had to do.

Needless to say, I struggle throughout the show like a mutha. My arm grew tired quickly, my neck started to hurt & I became unsteady. It was the longest eleven minutes of my LIFE!!!

After the show, I loaded the images onto my laptop & was really disappointed with what I captured & just considered this show to be a loss & a big trial run.

So I collected my thoughts & tried to call a few places around town to get a ball head. Wellllllll, long story short is no camera store was open due to it being Rosh Hashanah. At this point, I’m in panic mode & wondering how I’m gonna pull off 10 more shows with this heavy ass 300mm f/2.8 lens.

Fast-forward about 45 minutes & I’m in the AOL media lounge charging my phone when photographer Jennifer Calias Smith walked in. She looked friendly so I took a chance & asked her if she knew of any open camera stores.

To my luck, she knew of two that were open & one had exactly what I needed. I thanked her as if she saved my life then hit the subway to FotoCare.

I get there and it just seemed like a damn photo oasis of epic proportions.

While talking to the clerk about the weigth of my equipment he w slike you need to spend like 300 bucks to get what you really need. I’m like that’s a no go! Then he suggested that I rend a ball head. That was the perfect scenario & it was only 30 bucks for the days that I needed it.

While I was there, I picked up anther camera bettery because I left mt extra battery at home and I also picked up a roll of film.

I felt so so so much better after leaving Fotocare so I treated myself to an expensive lunch with cocktails.

The rest is history & my NYFW experience was saved!

So anyway, back to Nicholas K!
The NYLA Report September 18, 2010
By: Asia Wills

Kicking off the season, Nicholas K made fashion history as the first designer to show at Lincoln Center and making their Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week debut. We gave you a sneak peek of the collection back in August.

Utilizing a militaristic motif for their collection, Nicholas K designer infused an avant-garde vibe with dusty, earthy tones to create a modern utilitarian-inspired collection. With an array of downtown looks, chocolate jackets and hoodies are must-haves for spring.

They played off leather jackets, aviator shades, berets, combat boots, slouching shirts, and draping silhouette to give the collection an urban edge. Totally diggin’ the combat-boot-in-the-middle-of-the-desert feel. The color palette consisted of grays, browns, blacks and army-green.

The styling was incredible and what a great way to start off Fashion Week!

To check out the entire slideshow of runway photos, click here.