Georges Chakra was the first show that I got backstage access to at MBFW this year & I really didn’t know what to expect. What I got was an eye full of fashion chaos, pretty model chicks * hair flying all over the place.

In the middle of all of this was Georges Chakra, whom seemed to be very calm & collected moving as if nothing major was going to be happening.

It was interesting to see him move so smoothly. I guess I can say the he moved just as smooth as his evening gown designs.

I found his show to be very elegant and totally chic. I’m not a fashion writer so I’ll leave all the details to my friends at The NYLA Report.
The NYLA Report September 17, 2010
By: Jenessa Eadeh

EDITION Georges Chakra is the epitome of timeless glamour. From showstopper to showstopper, the evening gowns were beautiful with complex detailing that included basket weaved midriffs, asymmetrical necklines, flowing sleeves and crystal embellishments. Each dress that came down the runway was even more fabulous than the last.

The short dresses were structured with interesting detail like fringe, ribbed paneling and the occasional weave. The eveningwear was equally as incredible. Most dresses had structured tops and free flowing bottoms, or consisted of a short dress with beautifully draped long chiffon overlays. The color scheme for the line was mostly gold, black, and white but mixed in were breathtaking jewel tones of blue and purple.

My favorite part of the collection were the necklines. Chakra kept the look of the dresses fresh with jeweled shoulders and chiffon sleeves, or criss-cross necklines, or a new take on the one-shoulder dress. These accented open collar bones and chests, which allowed me to believe that any woman wearing one of these dresses would feel just as beautiful as the dress.

People spotted front row: Jaslene Gonzalez (America’s Next Top Model), Kelly Rowland (singer), Jojo (singer), Beverly Johnson (former model) and Patrick McDonald aka Dandy (Launch My Line – Bravo TV).

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