I don’t know how many times that I’ve said that Concept Korea was my favorite show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It show fun, funky, bright and highly energetic.

The clothes were ultra modern that presented a cross breed of Jean Paul Gaultier looks from “The Fifth Element,” “Spartacus” meets “The Matrix” & Grimm brothers’ fables. It was a little something of everything!
The NYLA Report September 17, 2010
By: Jenessa Eadeh

With the emergence of Asian designers, Concept Korea seemed like perfect timing. “Concept Korea Interactive Waves 2011? featured three Korean designers’ collections: Kwak Hyun Joo [Pucca], Lee Juyong [Resurrection], and Lee Jean Youn. The collections simply went from good, better to best.

The first collection from Kwak Hyun Joo, was part “Little Red Riding Hood”, part anime fairytale. The colors consisted of a spring-like palette of light green, pale blue, whites and greys, with the occasional neon rope. The collection’s midriff-baring, oversized t-shirts, sleeveless overcoats with high necklines, and short structured dresses were adorned with cute anime character prints that created an 80s Korean mix vibe that was youthful and playful.

The second collection from Lee Juyong resembled something straight out of the Matrix. The men came out looking like angry rebels with a cause—that cause being to show off some pretty awesome men’s clothing. It was a line for the minimalist man who likes a tough look with leather, mesh, and cuffs. The bold studs and zippers added a pop of gold color.

The third show was quite the performance. Lee Jean Youn’s collection started off like a funeral. With organ music blaring, the first round of women came out with structured black suits, sheer black chiffon tops with bustiers underneath, and high slick ponytails. The show transformed into a lively one, with white jackets with snakeskin accents and ultimately, gorgeous, flowing gowns, reminiscent of a wedding. As the collection became more matrimonial, complete with church music, the models came out with painted white faces and sparkling white dresses. The collection developed from dark elements to light and lovely youthful white wedding gowns.

Front row attendees included Wonder Girls (South Korean girl group), J. Alexander (America’s Next Top Model), Robert Verdi (celeb stylist) and Jojo (singer).

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