If you followed my adventures over that last few days on Twitter & Facebook then you know that I was able to “get” backstage at the Zac Posen Z Spoke show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

I have to say that Zac Posen’s backstage experience was the best I had out of the 5 shows that I had backstage access to.

What made it great was the yummy sandwiches, ice cold Izze sodas, Moet, & beautiful models/celebrities.

When I first got in the spot, I bumped into model Sessilee Lopez, whom I kicked it with for a while.  She’s such a cool Philly chick who loves rocking Louis Vuitton stilettos & she looks great in them!

After kicking it with Sessilee the entire spot seemed to just blow up & all the while, I’m hoping that no one figures out that I was not supposed to be there. I was sticking & moving like a mutha fucka!

While photographing all of the commotion of hair & make-up, I bumped into Miss. J (J. Alexander) & Mr. J (Jay Manuel (think America’s Next Top Model)).  They were both so cool & they posed for me. I even got Miss J to give me a killer side eye (photo coming later). It’s so laugh & cool worthy. And during all the side eye talk, Mr. J showed me this crazy ass photo on his iPhone of Miss J in drag. I died laughing!!!  I teased & told Miss J that he looks like someone just stole the macaroni & cheese off his plate at his aunt’s house. That got a good laugh. Mindspill

OK, I have to admit, by this point, I had a nice champagne buzz & was really in a shit talking mood. Admittedly, I work great with a slight buzz in large events but still.


The backstage area was buzzing & busy as hell; before you know it, security was putting everyone out of the area so that the models could rehearse before the show.

Before I bounced, I was able to grab the shot above of Aminata Niaria.

Her make-up was banging & so was her curly weave.

I had been shooting with my 85mm at f/1.8 for the majority of the backstage jumpoff. It creates such creamy bokeh. As you see here, I chose to focus on her hair to get a somewhat angelic look in her face. After the shot, I was escorted out & took my place on the riser with the other “A” photographers. Mindspill

Fast forward a hour later & the colorful show was over & the fun was again backstage where Zac posed with celebrity guests during a mini photo shoot. It was pandemonium & fun to watch!

It was also fun to watch people surround Kimora Lee who did an impromptu catwalk strut.

After Kimora did her thing, I was able to get her to pose for me & my Mamiya film camera. She was like come on baby step back a little & get this shot, I’m not going anywhere.

Afterward, we actually talked for several minutes about Twitter & our mutual friend @SUGARTHEGIRL.  Kimora told me how much she appreciates @SUGARTHEGIRL’s support & others like her who ride with her through the good & bad times.

We then discussed how powerful Twitter can be in terms of networking.  It was such a randomly awesome conversation.  I mean, I never thought I would be talking with a celeb about Twitter. Shit, I don’t even talk about it with my friends anymore because some just don’t get it.

Before Kimora & I wrapped, I got another shot of her using my iPhone for the digital archive. I can’t wait to see the new season of her show because they were filming backstage & I was all in the shot. More possible randomness.

Kimora if you’re reading this; call me boo!

And a loud shout out to Zac Posen for casting SEVERAL black models!!!!

Stay tuned to The NYLA Report for a full analysis of the show.