Five days & 12 runway shows later, I’m happy to be home where I look forward to slobbing on my own pillows!

But 1st! I need to say thank you to Suite Suzy & the girls for supporting me & letting live it up in NYC without them. And I did live it up!

I also want to thank Asia Willis for being not only a friend but a person who knows how to make it happen! Without her, my experience just would not have happened. She submitted my application, helped organize my work & ensured that I got access to shows. She’s an amazing partner!

I gotta thank Cousin Dee for planting idea of photography in my head!

I need to thank all of my friends (the real life ones & my online family) who have been ride or die for me since jump! Thanks for putting up with all my stories over the last month related to fashion week etc. And I really appreciate all of the support & dialogue from my Twitter people. You guys gave me life!

As special thanks to photographer Piper Carter who helped me mentally prepare for the photography pit. Her knowledge was invaluable!

Lastly & importantly, thanks to all my peeps who took the time out to meet & hang with me over the last few days! AJ, Cordenia, Mary, José x 2, Patrice, Ty, Mike, Eric, Janella, Huny, Kevicha & John!!!

I cannot begin to verbalize just how over the top awesome my 1st Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was! Basically, I guess I’m saying that I cannot wait for round two next year!

I leaned tons, found my legs working in a press pit, met many cool photographers from across the world, talked with celebrities & even got a little tipsy backstage at a show (thanks Moet)!

Over the next several days, I’ll be sharing photos & some stories here & on The NYLA Report with context & fashion analysis.

Please stay tuned! I promise to not disappoint!
As a side note, the photo above was taken at the Vassilios Kostetsos show last night at Lincoln Center. It was the only show that I did not shot from the press pit as I decided to actually enjoy a presentation.

It was nice just sitting there in the audience. Trust me!!!! The model picture was my favorite & her facial features were striking. You will see me & I think that you will agree.