While in town photographing at Mercedes Benz Fashion week, I stayed with friends in Long Island City. To get to Manhattan, I took the 7 train into Times Square & boy was it a hike to get to the train station!

Along the way from my stop; Queensboro Plaza, I passed this amazing complex known as 5Pointz.

The massive size of this complex is something to behold already but when you factor in the graffiti art & you really have something magical. An ever growing and changing urban masterpiece.

According to the 5Pointz website, it’s an outdoor aerosol art exhibit space with 200,000-sq ft of wall space. Additionally, 5Point is considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca.”

Additionally, “The name 5Pointz signifies the five boroughs coming together as one but, because of its reputation as an epicenter of the graffiti scene, the industrial complex has actually united aerosol artists from across the world.”

On my next trip to NYC, I plan on carving some time out to venture to this site & document some of the pieces. Hopefully, the piece of Biggie will remain. That one alone made me say DAYUUUUUUUM!

So happy that the iPhone takes great little HD videos!