Last week I had a bit of a lush emergency after having a GREAT time at the Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson party.

After the party, I all of the sudden started having MASSIVE foot discomfort. It was to the point of crippling. I wanted to take off my shoes & lay down somewhere to get my mind right.

I could hardly make it back to the subway with out taking a break. It was just plain bad! So bad that I had to sit on subway steps because I just couldn’t handle standing.

By the time I made it back to the hotel, I felt a lot better so I hit the concierge desk because I needed some Tanqueray in my system & in a bad way.

The concierge gave my directions & I set out to get myself a drank.

Well, I got to the store & that mofo was closed. As I walked away, I saw a wino looking fellow & asked him where the nearest liquor store was & he gave me directions. Then, my feet started acting back up. It didn’t feel like real life but I kept going. I NEEDED that Tanqueray.

As I set off on the 2nd leg of the journey, I took this photo. Next thing you know, I’m lost & in China Town somewhere.

So, I spot another wino fellow & asked him where the liquor store was. He pointed me in the direction & I thought I was all set.

I got to where he stated & there was nothing there but some fist markets. WTF.

Out of frustration, I took to twitter & had the following dialogue:

– @bygbaby New York, can a nigga find a liquor store in this bitch????

– @Detroit_O RT: @bygbaby New York, can a nigga find a liquor store in this bitch????

– @Jazz_Kat I to @Detroit_O he must be in midtown. Harlem has one every other block. Right next to the church. Lol

– @bygbaby to @Jazz_Kat I’m in china town and it’s like prohibition hit this bitch. I need some gin & quick.

After I finally found a store & was mentally relieved but my feet were killing me even more. To make matter worse, the store only had gallon sizes of Tanqueray. That was way too much. I just needed a hit! So instead, I settled for Capt Morgan instead. I picked up a few Cokes & tweeted this:

–  @bygbaby Has liquor. Thank you sweet white Jesus for the Chinese liquor sto’!

–  @bygbaby In the last 3 hours, Ive been through some version of hell. Way too fucked up to even explain but it all started with a closed liquor store.

It was a wild & unnecessary painful adventure. Being a lush with needs is not always a good luck. At least I got a photo out of the deal though!