Washing Sade’s hair is always a back breaking task that leaves me exhausted. Luckily, we only wash it every three – four weeks when she is between twists.

This morning, after I got my mind right, we washed & blew dry her afro in preparation for her appointment to get fresh kinky twists before the start of school.

When I was done blowing it out, she was amazed to see how long her hair had grown. So was I because she has an AWESOME afro. Mindspill

I tried to convince her to rock the afro to school for a week but she refused.  She said that most of the Black girls at her school work relaxers & that she one of the very few girls that wore natural hairstyles.

I told her that she had a leg up on them because she was working with nature & nothing can beat that. She was like whatever; I still want a hot press not a perm but a hot press.

Just maybe for her birthday next year, I will soften my position on hair straightening. Just maybe she will get that hot press.