Last week, while on vacay in NYC I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Janella. What made it awesome was that she’s a great person & it was her birthday, working on the Brooklyn Bridge & then getting a mini tour of Brooklyn during the course of the shoot.

I told Suite Suzy that working with Janella was the best shoot I had all summer. It was totally easy going, not too hot & we laughed all the way through it.  I cannot work & be serious without laughter!

Janella is totally a Brooklyn girl & describes herself as an intense but free-spirited workaholic (a union representative who LOVES her career).  She also says that she is a bit much (but she’s cool with that). She’s happy,  loves to laugh, and makes the effort to be a good friend to really good people.

I say that, she’s just all that!

Since Janella is all things Brooklyn, she wanted to incorporate her city in the shoot, so the Brooklyn Bridge seemed like a natural location choice.

My one concern was that people would be all over the place on the bridge but that was far from the case. People that walked past cleared the way & even complimented my model. That was pretty cool.

This may sound crazy but I really felt like I knew what I was doing when we were on the bridge. I was in a very nice zone!

After we wrapped at the BB, we headed to the Brooklyn Museum, which is MASSIVE! Outside of the museum are some great backdrop features that could yield some very diverse images. Shit, it was almost like being in a candy store. Mindspill

Oh, I have to mention that Janella & I both had assistants on the shoot. Olivia was my right hand woman working the reflector, swapping out lenses for me & making sure I had water.  Janella was assisted by out mutual GREAT friend Renea! Without Renea, my last two shoots in NYC would have not been positive.

Renea certainly helped Janella throughout the shoot but moreover she was the on-set comedienne. Her impersonations are totally classic. At one point, she gave me a brain freeze laughing at her Iman voice impersonation. That shit needs to be recorded!!!!

Anyway, as we got ready to wrap, we stumbled upon a reflection pool at the museum & my imagination got a little wild.  Before you know it, Janella was in the middle of the pool & from there, my favorite shot of the day was born.

It was a well spent & productive 3 hours!

Post shoot, Olivia & I met up with the rest of the family & had a great lunch at Junior’s where I had a corned beef & pastrami sandwich. Yes!!! I ate beef & it was damn good!