If I ever want to laugh my ass off when talking to my momma, al I have to o is ask her about her childhood hood & figs.

I called her last week after I picked up a few figs last week & asked if she wanted some & she just went off. It was hilarious.

She was like you know I don’t fuck with no figs. I hate them bitches!!!! I am not making this up. You see, my momma & I are almost one in the same when it comes to cussing & talking all kinds of shit. I love her for that.

When we talk, its nothing but laughs unless when we are talking about my sister & how she owes me all kinds of money. That bitch! OK, wait, let me calm down.

Anyway, so in my home, only Sweet Boo Boo & I enjoy figs & we set these off with the quickness. They were great!