Yesterday, I had the opportunity to photograph friend, radio host of Cocoa Mode (XM169 The Power) & DMV area yogini; Shawna Renee.

Shawna & I met 2 years ago when were both in my BFF’s wedding & we’ve been friends ever since. Actually, I was a fan before I was friend but that’s a long radio listener story.

Anyway, Shawna was in need of some new photos for some exciting new projects, so she hit up yours truly.

My original idea for a photo back drop feel through like a mutha. It’s amazing what how 3 locked doors can destroy plans. Mindspill

Fortunately, Shawna, was very flexible so we made a quick revamp & the rest is history. During our session, we set up shop on the Detroit River Walk, Millender Center & the Dequindre Cut. It was a quick, sweaty & thirst filled 3 hours.

I’m not sure who said photography was easy because it sure is not! With that said, I’d like to send a special shout out to my baby Olivia who assisted me during the shoot. Mindspill

One of these days, when someone writes my autobiography, I will talk about how I got Shawna to do the butterfly & why she rode my back during the shoot. It’s about that hard work I was just talking about.

Anyway, I’m tired & need to sign off. The weekend was AWESOME but now I’m feeling it.