Yesterday, I worked an assignment for The Detroit Parade Company at a Detroit Tigers baseball game.

Initially, I thought the assignment would be pretty easy but I was far from correct in my thinking.

The assignment was to photograph different festive elements, visitors & the 1st pitch of the game.

What made this assignment somewhat tough was the HEAT!  It was so hot & humid yesterday. I was wondering when I would drop from a heat stroke.  Luckily, that never happened but I do think I had a mini stroke at one point.

At one point, I was blinded from sweat dripping in my eyes & that was not cool. All of napkins that I had in my pocket were soaked from sweat. I was just a sweaty mess. From the image above, you can see just how sweaty I was. People were asking me if I spilled a drink on myself & sadly I had to say no, it’s sweat.

After, my job was done, I was actually able to sit, cool down & enjoy the game with friends.

Well, I enjoyed the game as much as I could because toward the 6th inning, it started raining. I just threw my hands up on looking and feeling decent for the day.

If you know me, then you know that I’m no sports fan whatsoever, but I was so excited to see the Tigers break their losing streak with a good win against the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s clear that they won because I was there!

What a day. A fun day nonetheless!