If you follow me on Twitter of Facebook, then you know that I’m planning on being at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this fall.

As I said, I’m PLANNING on being there no matter what! My application to photograph has been submitted to IMG & the plan is to work with my home girl, ace boom cool & style-watching partner Asia Willis of The NYLA Report.

While I sit & wait for a yes or no, I’ll be dreaming that I was chosen to work some of the hottest runway shows with a fun team of style/fashion journalist led by Asia.

So if I am not chosen, I will still be in the city with an obviously reduced schedule of events. I plan on just being out & about doing street photography & wrapping up my Analog Portrait series.

Which ever jumps off, it will be a great opportunity & I plan on having a ball because I have chosen to see the silver lining. But, I so want to be chosen.

Speaking of being chosen, just 24 more days before the voting for the Black Weblog Awards are closed for voting.  If you have not already voted, please consider choosing me for the best photo blog.

Your vote can be cast here for “Tafari’s Mindspill” (best photography blog on page 4).

If my blog is chosen for the best photo blog, I will post a video of my doing my happy dance while doing my bitch scream. I know you want to see that so cast a vote!!!!!

By the way, I got my little apprentice Olivia to help me compose this shot. She’s great but hardheaded around my equipment. I guess she’s a lot like me.

And… you will see more of this chair. It’s my new “gentlemen’s chair” that I won in an auction. I saw it in the window 3 months ago at DuMouchelles auction house & I had to have it. One month & 1 bid later, it was mine. Sadly, it fits nowhere in my home but I will find a way to make it work!!!!