The other night I was put up on a website created by Kenan Banks dedicated to celebrity stories written by ?uestlove, ummmm that’s ?uestlove from The Roots.

Many of the stories are absolutely hilarious! Like this one on Bjork


“she broke my heart in 94.

i was her biggest fan and flipped out when i met her.

meanwhile malik roll up and she starts gushing over him and all he says is….

(days later looking for her number)

damn i lost that oriental bitches number….”

Janet Jackson:

“the best story is the tootie facts of life 10/2001 update i did round here.

i can say that janet is one of my biggest supporters when it comes to spinning (i was called to dj her after jawn in philly but she is incapacitated due to exhaustion)

my 2nd gig for her in vegas was a party she hired me for to dj JD’s 30th partyday party.

3 hours in money was DRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZUNK she was in the booth all embarrassed like *hand on my shoulder* please excuse him….he is drunk tonight”

meanwhile im like


This site is such a fun & good read, especially the Eddie Murphy & Prince stories.