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This evening after enjoying happy hour cocktails with The Good Dr. Long downtown Ann Arbor we stumbled upon a little classic car show.

It was not too busy out, so we were able to enjoy some really beautiful gems on display. The interesting thing is that I’m not a car enthusiast at all but the vivid colors were too attractive to deny. And the cars were super clean! Each making my car look like the homeless crack head cousin that no one likes to talk about.

Of the many cars that were on display, I was totally struck by this 1950s Plymouth PowerFlite.

While I was photographing it, I overheard two men talking about how clean the white walls were & how they missed the look. That made me smile.

When I think of white wall tires, I think of pimps (don’t judge me) & I hear William DeVaughn’s “Be Thankful for What You Got” playing in my head.

I would love to go for a spin in this PowerFlite with or without a diamond in the back, sunroof top or TV antennae’s. I’m just saying.