This morning I made my way to the Detroit Zoo for the 2010 Worldwide Photo Walk. I was looking forward to the experience because for one reason or the other, I was not able to make the last 2 photo walks.

While I was looking forward to the experience, I was not all that thrilled with the location. I don’t have any strong feelings against zoos whatsoever but I do know that the Detroit Zoo sucks. If you live in the Detroit, you know what I mean.

The last two trips I made there, I hardly saw any animals out which made for long hot walks without any good sighting. Honestly, It’s like I see more wild animals near my home.

By the end of the walk, I felt a little better about the zoo because today was the 1st time in years that I’ve seen so many animals. I actually enjoyed myself watching many of the exhibits with frolicking captive depressed animals.

In terms of the walk itself, I found it to be a bore. Our leader was cool but he seemed to be more interested in talking on his phone than interacting with the group. Then I got separated from the, which was OK I guess, I don’t mind exploring alone but I was hoping to connect & socialize.

Well, I did socialize with this one guy who seemed cool but during the course of our conversation, he told me that he ate a peacock before on a trip to west Africa. I was shocked. Who eats peacocks? I mean, I know that they’re not endangered but I just was disgusted. After he shared, that bit of info, I shook him as fas as I could.  (somewhat related & interesting)

The one cool thing that jumped off after the fact was the super awesome strawberry lemonade that I got from Sonic. I really needed a delicious fruity drink after a 3-hour walk in the heat.

I’m certain that will not do another photo walk in the future unless I organize it! Been there done that, was bored overall. I’m just saying.

Did you do the Worldwide Photo Walk?Did you have a better experience & are your photos posted online. I would love to see them.

See a few of my photo walk photos here.