On my recent trip to NYC, thanks to a friends referral (THANKS Renea!!!!), I was able to pick up NY area actor Christine America as head shot client. Love my friends!!!

Christine & I talked maybe twice before actually meeting & we clicked. I love when that happens!

We settled on meeting at Battery Park, which was pretty interesting. I say interesting because I showed up maybe about 30 minutes early & actually just sat at a bench & watched the tourist be tourist.

It was quite seeing people be so excited about the city, taking pictures & boarding tour buses etc. I guess because I love watching people I found it more amusing than maybe I should have.

So, during my session with Christine, all I did was laugh & sweat. She’s quite the comedienne & it was soooooo hot out.

I teased Christine for having a ready-made electric smile & she kept bringing it making my job smooth. Going through Christine’s images was a joy, because I just saw so much to work with & that smile was popping.

It will be great if she can attract some acting work with this fresh batch of head shots!!! My last headshot client has been hot ever since I did her head shots. She actually landed a VERY nice role in a movie staring Gerard Butler where she has some hot & heavy scenes with him.

Anyway, I’ll be back in NYC in a month & I’m hoping to pick up more business. I just don’t know how to go on vacation without incorporating a little work to balance out my fun times.