So, I’m walking down Broadway in SoHo minding my own business when I happened to look up to see this beautiful cocoa brown woman walking my way.

I basically jumped in front of her & asked to photograph her.

Her hair was great, her skin was great, her make up was like totally perfect; almost too perfect considering how hot it was on this day.

While I was photographing her, she explained to me that she had JUST finished a photo shoot with a clothing designer.  I mean, talk about timing!

This image happens to be one of my favorite from the street portraits that I captured on this trip.

What I love about this photo are her eyes & glossy cassis lips.  The effect over her eyes actually occurred in the camera & was not part of my digital processing workflow.

The same thing occurred in another photo that I took in a portrait composition. I think I may avoid doing portrait comps with this camera although I got lucky a few times with interesting & random results.

You can see more of the beginning of my new NYC Analog Portraits project series here. Be sure to click the “show info link once the slide show starts to get the back story to see my captions.