The other day, I was telling Cousin Dee about Cee-Lo’s new mix tape “Stray Bullets” & how much I loved it. During the conversation The Yellow African chimed in & stated how he wasn’t feeling Cee-Lo’s singing voice, which I get.

Cousin Dee & I both countered with how we like his singing voice & how he sounds like an obscure 70s throwback.

His “Stray Bullets” mix tape really has me feeling his sound. In fact, I am finding it to be a form of crack because I can kick my addiction to any of the eclectic tracks.

So anyway, I spotted Cee-Lo’s new video “No One’s Gonna Love You” on Soulbouce (a daily haunt) earlier & was all in this artsy short film type music backdrop.  This cut is supposed to be from  Cee-Lo’s “upcoming” album “Lady Killer.”

My Soulbouce comment:

“Me love Cee-Lo and pretty white people in videos. This song is a win. The video is quite interesting in a good artsy film kinda way.”

You can see Cee-Lo talk about “Lady Killer,” “Georgia” & more here.  I can’t wait until this drops.

In the meantime, you can get “Stray Bullets” here while the link is hot boo!