I took a trip to the Ann Arbor Farmers market today for some fresh Michigan berries to recreate a berry infused vodka recipe that I saw on B. Smith’s television show way back some time in the 90s.

The recipe was quite simple as I recall. Just, a mason jar filled with a cup or so of sugar, a cup or so of your favorite berries & vodka. Good vodka, which steeps for about 2 weeks.

Finding great blueberries, raspberries & black raspberries was the easy part because it’s berry season here. The hard part was finding mason jars.  Actually it wasn’t that hard but the store that I visited only had mason jars in boxes of 12.  All I needed was 3 jars. 3 not 12!

Luckily, I found some apothecary type jars that were about 1 quart & settled with those.