Taken with my iPhone 4 then processed in the Adobe Lightroom 3 to add a little depth of field effect.
It’s been a week since I got my hands on the iPhone 4 & I am very impressed by the new 5-megapixel camera after testing in a variety of lighting conditions!

My assessment:

– The shutter is much faster since the iOS 4 release & the upgraded 5-megapixel means larger images vs the 3Gs’ 3-megapixels. Images actually appear to be much more crisp under the right lighting conditions which is a total win. And you know I am all about great lighting when it comes to my photos.

– As you may very well know, the iPhone 4 also has a [LED] flash, which I too am impressed with thus far. The flash performed well while I was out & about in San Diego this past week. It even worked well when shooting video. Who knew?

– When uploading to Flickr or other sites directly from the iPhone, I have not noticed any loss in quality like with uploaded HD videos from the iPhone to Flickr or YouTube.

– In terms of the large 5-megapixel image files, when sending photos via email, you get a few options to downsize the photos, which is cool in most situations.

– More than anything, I have been taking tons of self-portraits for shits & giggles, so yes, I’m also loving the forward facing camera! I just need to learn how to hold it at a level where you don’t see all up my nose.

By the way, I hooked up a few more iPhone wallpapers, which are available at no charge. I hope you enjoy them! Download link