Taken with my iPhone 4 then processed in the iMovie app for the iPhone 4.

My assessment:

– When you upload a 720p (HD) version of your iMovie creation to either Youtube or Flickr directly from the iPhone, the conversion/compression totally destroys the quality of your mobile masterpiece making it look like a hot mess!

– For better results (720p HD), it’s best to export the movie from the iPhone (i used iPhoto to export from the phone) onto your desktop then upload to either Youtube, Flickr etc.

– What you see here was exported from my iPhone to iPhoto then uploaded to Flickr. This version looks 100x’s better than what I uploaded directly from the iPhone to Youtube & Flickr earlier today as part of my experiment.

On a side note:

– I need a little tripod for my iPhone!

– Suite Suzy got an iPhone 4 today. We spent a little time setting it up this evening & I gave her the quick tips & tricks guide. I hope that she will have fun with it.

– Once the novelty of then new phone wears off, I’ll stop talking about it. I promise!

Art Credits:
Music: “Aquarian Moon (LP Version)” by Osunlade
Setting: Float Bar at the Hard Rock Cafe San Diego