Whether hell or high water came, I was not entering this weekend without the new iPhone 4 in my possession.

Yeah, I know for weeks, I was stating that I was not going to get it but I got weak, & the tech gadget whore within me took over my mind. And when I read that Radio Shack was doing a trade in program, I said fuck it, what the hell.

So after I heard about the offer, I called my local Radio Shack to confirm & I was told that it was indeed true.

The deal was, if you turn in a iPhone 3Gs, Radio Shack would give you up to $200 bucks in trade for you to purchase the new iPhone.  In my case it was a win-win because I didn’t have to come out of my pocket & I would have a brand new phone.

The thing I hate though is that I’m pimped out by AT&T again for another 2 years.

The service in my area is great, don’t get me wrong but when I travel it’s another frustrating story.

So rewind to 9am yesterday morning (June 24, 2010), I’m in line at Radio Shack.  The line was not long at all, maybe 13/14 people with me being at the tail end.

I’m waiting in line patiently, when 15 minutes later, the manager of the store came out & informed us all that they only received 1, yes 1 (one, uno, une, um, ein) fucking iPhone 4.

As you can guess, a lot of us were more than disappointed.  In the meantime, I left my name on the waiting list to be called when more phones came in.

Once I left empty handed, I remembered that Walmart was also carrying the iPhone 4 so I headed there next (good thing both stores were in the same plaza).

Long story short, I left empty handed because the 1 (one, uno, une, um, ein) iPhone 4 they had was long gone.  My dreams shattered once again!

Later in the evening, Radio Shack issued this statement on their Facebook page.

After my let down, I, later decided to call the Apple store to see what was going on & the guy answering was like, if you are not in line now, you will not be getting a phone this day.

Like a fool, I said fuck it (in my mind) & ran over & got in line. As I entered the line, a woman approached & was like your chances are none & none on getting a phone.  I was like damn!  So she took my info & put me on a waiting list.

Again, I left empty handed.

So fast forward to today about 1230, I decided to call the Radio Shack to see if more phones came in. The young woman (Yaritza, the Dominican diva) on the other end said yes & I left you a voicemail. I’m like what, my phone never went off.

Anyway, I was like, I’m on my way. I dropped everything & hit the door like a lunatic.

Twenty minutes later, I run into the store & wound up with the last of the 4 phones that came in today.


While in line, 3 more people from yesterday came in because they got the same call. They all looked at me like I oughtta… when the learned that I got the last one. Ooooops, I move quick bitch!

Next time, I’ll just preorder & avoid all the running around (which was kinda fun in a weird way).

So I got my phone, I’m happy & all I need now is a damn case.

By the way, if you dig the background on my phone, you can get it along with a few special others here for FREE 99.