If you’re an iPhone user, I’m willing to bet that you upgraded to the new version of the iPhone software iOS4 yesterday. If I’m a losing man on this bet, please take an IOU.

One of the cool features in the new software is the ability to have custom images displayed as your home & lock screen backgrounds. I think it’s pretty cool, because I can use my own imagery to pretty up my phone.

Once you view the updated wallpaper gallery on your phone, you will notice 27 options that Apple has provided for you to customize your phone. Of the 27 options, I dig 3 or 4 but what does that matter because I hooked myself up some cool new ones.

I hooked up 16 cool new wallpapers to be exact & I would like to share!  If you dig my photography, then I’m sure you will enjoy these cool freebies.

I’ll assume that you know how to add these to your photo library, like a smart iPhone junky, so please enjoy!

Download link