I stopped at the local farmers grocer today for some strawberries because I was in the mood & it’s picking season.

Upon walking to the fruit section, I noticed two strawberry options; one from California & one from Michigan.

The strawberries from California were huge & perfect looking; great subjects for some food photography! The strawberries from Michigan were small & not as pretty as their competition.

Funny thing is that they were both $2.99 per carton.

After going back & forth on which to choose, I decided to go with the Michigan strawberries because they were more aromatic, smelled like candy even, while the California strawberries barely had a fragrance.

The young clerk said I made the better decision between the two.

So once I got my berries home, I sliced a few, then let them marinate in a little Kahlúa & sugar to serve with some butter pecan ice cream tonight. Mmmmmmm!