Lightroom 3 was released yesterday & yours truly rushed to download it & test out the new features.

My verdict on LR3, like so many others is that it is AWESOME!

It performs much faster than the previous version (LR 2) & it’s packed with all sorts of goodies.

Of the new features, I’m totally digging the easier photo importing, new watermarking options, ability to upload directly to Flickr, the entire development panel; especially the lens profiles & the ability to export HD slide shows with the click of a couple of buttons.

Getting set up was a breeze & took all of 4 minutes to bring in my former catalog, which meant that I was able to play almost immediately.

The images represented above where compiled on LR3 using the new slide show feature. This slide show literally took me 2-4 minutes to slap this together. Wow!!! And it’s HD! Mindspill

If you are on the fence about trying LR, now is the time to make it happen cause this shit is HOT.

Images in order of appearance:

Peony: The Beginning, Peony: White, Peony: Bright Pink, Peony: Magenta, Peony: Hot Pink, Peony: Antique Bouquet

“Decade” by Esbjörn Svensson Trio