Last year when I left the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF), I said that it was my last time attending. Basically, I grew tired of the same musty suburban kids dressed all weird & shit or barely dressed.

The music was good last year but I can only take so much electronic music. What happened to all the house & soul house? It was virtually not there last year.

Fast forward one year later & I found myself at Hart Plaza attending this year’s DEMF. And this is all after I applied for & was denied press access. I guess they didn’t Google my name, nor did they do my resume. Luckily, I have friends in many places.

So, the crowd was the same yet weirder & the music overall was not all that exciting. I was just like blah by the end of the one day that I decided to attend.

I mean, the people watching was even a turn off. I found myself not very motivated to photograph much. Funny thing is, the image above is my favorite image that I snapped out of all of the hours that I spent being DEMF Paparazzi.

On a total positive tip, the highlight of the time I spent was kicking it with some of my people, which is always fun.

Maybe I’m being a prude of some sort but I think I’m over the DEMF & I am renewing my vow on canceling it off of my events that need to be attended in Detroit list.

Next year, it will be all about the soul house after parties for me. If I’m going to spend money, I’d rather spend it listening to music I like while not dealing with a bunch of musty 20 somethings.

You can check out a few of my uninspired DEMF photos here.