I met Gregg Kent last weekend on a photo assignment at the Detroit Renaissance Center. Actually, I was lost & looking for the restroom when I approached this young man who happens to work at the information desk.

Much to my embarrassment, I walked past the restrooms twice. Duh…

After he got me on the right path, I asked if I could photograph him. I know I caught him off guard because it was out of nowhere.

I explained that I was a photographer & found his eyes to be amazingly blue. He jokingly laughed & said that the water set them off. After he agreed & smiled for the camera, I was off.

Through email correspondence, I learned that Gregg is currently at Wayne State University but deciding if he will transfer to either Oakland University or John Carroll University.

During our conversation, I asked Gregg what was the strangest question that he’s been asked while work at the information desk. He said it was either when an elderly woman asked him to go on a blind date with her granddaughter or when a girl asked him to be her date to a wedding reception at the hotel in the building. Pretty funny right! On the spot dating?

I also asked Gregg if he had a chance to cut off Justin Bieber’s hair would he. He laughed & said yes. I know I want to cut his hair off & make him disappear. I really don’t get why people like him.

He can’t sing or dance? Maybe people are taken by his youthful androgynous look.

Anyway, thanks Gregg for being a good sport & good luck on your educational venture!