This morning I had the chance to meet little Madisyn Skye for a newborn shoot. Isn’t she precious?

Madisyn’s parents were the winners of one of my newborn photo sessions that I gave away last month.

Madisyn was a fun challenge to photo & I learned a few things from her like:

  • When dealing with nude babies, keep plenty absorbent towels nearby
  • Redos are not allowed
  • The baby runs the show
  • Keep your room as warm as possible

The sessions was planned for two hours but by the time it was over, it was three hours as I was on Madisyn’s schedule. It was all good & I enjoyed rocking her to sleep, which was totally not part of my deal 😉 Mindspill

I have to credit my photographer friends Kristen Caldwell & Maya Henderson for helping pull up the strength & nerve to a) offer this contest & b) actually pull it off. Thanks so much for the encouragement & creative ideas!

Over the next few days, I’ll be working on Madison’s photos & will post a few more so you can marvel at my amazing skills.