Well today was my big Adobe Lightroom presentation at the Ann Arbor Flash user group “Flash Focused

My presentation was focused on some of the key features of Lightroom & my own workflow.

I had been going back & forth over how I was going to pull it all together for over a week but it all came together last night.

After setting up my Keynote presentation & setting up some test files, I was ready to go!

So I get to the venue 15 minutes before the meeting started & found out that they did not have a way for me to connect my MacBook Pro.

With some quick thinking, a Windows based laptop, & free wifi I was able to download a trial copy of Lightroom & upload my Keynote presentation to Google Docs.

After about 1 hour of waiting for the download I was able to present without further drama. Well, no, there was a little drama. I had to get adjusted to using Lightroom on a Windows PC.

When all was said & done, my presentation went well & I covered everything that I planned. I also now know that I need to get an adapter so that I won’t have this issue again.

After my presentation, there was a raffle for some fun little Adobe swag & I managed to win an Adobe notebook of graphing paper.

AND THEN…… there was a larger raffle for CS5 & your boy won the copy! I am now the proud owner of a fresh copy of Adobe CS5 Design Premium. I’m still too excited & basking in the afterglow of a very nice win.

In other news, I sold an image of Kwame Kilpatrick that I took a couple years ago.

The purchaser was Detroit Clear Channel station WKQI FM 95.5. They used the image on a 14ft billboard on I-696 & John R, which shows Kwame with a caption that reads “It’s fun til ur caught.” I love it & I love the check that comes along with it.

What a GREAT Monday!