Suite Suzy’s (my baby momma of 12 years) favorite color is blue & she loves Dutch irises so Mother’s Day flowers were easy.

I guess I have to admit that I did not know her favorite flower until the other day when I kicked off my Mother’s Day contest. How bad am I?

Or maybe I just forgot because I designed the Dutch iris & stargazer lily (my favorite flower) floral arrangements that were at our wedding reception. That was so long ago though. 0_o

In similar but unrelated news; earlier I posted this on FB for shits & giggles: “Happy mothers day to those who couldn’t get an abortion because it was too late.”

I knew my friends would attack me & I was ready because that’s just how I do. I have to tell you that I got some of the best responses ever like:

“And happy Mother’s day to all the mommas who’ve ever been mad and yelled at their kids, “I WISH I could’ve aborted you!””

“Hey, theres no “too late” if you’ve got the money!”

“u’s a fool! LOL but thank u anyways”

I love how my friends get my twisted sense of humor & overall lack of social tact.