I planted violas in one of my gardens last year & the bloomed throughout the summer.  To my surprise, this lonely yellow fellow greeted me today while I was weeding.

What a nice bright surprise.

Coincidentally, it’s my grandmother’s birthday; we called her Mommie.  Everyone called her Mommie. Her kids, grand kids & people in the neighborhood all called her Mommie.

No one dared to call here Essie Mae!!!

Mommie was a very mysterious woman.  She never told me why she moved to Detroit from Birmingham, AL way back when, she never revealed her age, she NEVER talked about my grandfather who was rumored to be a Detroit pimp back in Black Bottom.

What I did know about Mommie was the love she had for me, her high regard continued education, the enjoyment she received from selling World Book Encyclopedias & her influential unique artistic abilities.

Mommie once told me that being cultured was a necessity for a successful Negro (she actually said Nigga but I thought I would clean it up a bit).

Recently, someone asked me who my muse was, I said my muse is my Mommie. She’s been gone for many years but her influence is ever present!

I sure miss Mommie!