Bits and pieces of a rant:
So it’s looking like I may be spending the night at gate A2 at BWI because of bad weather.

I’m hoping this is not the case but it’s not looking good.

Got strong winds, hail, thunder/lightening & rain in the mix on the east coast that is affecting many flights.

I was hoping to have dinner with Suite Suzy tonight and watch a movie as I drifted off to sleep in my own bed. Boy do I miss my bed!

Oh well, weather happens!

Otherwise, I had an awesome trip to DC/NYC with my friends!!! Good eating, drinking & laughs!

Was also able to link up with some of my online contacts (blog & Twitter friends), which is always great.

In other news:

– I did well in my two class from last semester and have decided to take a class this summer. I’ll fully commit to this plan after I talk to a counselor tomorrow.

– I wad disappointed to see Emilio Sosa lose to Seth Aaron on Project Runway. Reminded me of Korto’s epic loss. 🙁

– I’m in support of the new AZ immigration law. Yes I understand the racial profiling possibilities but…. Gotta go. Gotta go.

– The TSA agents at BWI are much better at BWI when compared to the idiot agents at LGA & DTW. Just saying.

Anyway, I’m out!


I wound up making it home @ 4am!!! Suite Suzy got me a limo home & I’m so fortunate for that. I came in & passed out almost instantly! What a night!!!