The last couple of weeks have been really crazy for me with the school semester coming to a fast end.

I’ve been bombarded with class projects, presentations, and studying for finals.  It’s all been a bit much when you factor in the rest of my constantly moving life; family, plantation job & my side gig.

Luckily, next Wednesday is the last day of classes & the following day I will be on vacation in DC where I will decompress & chill with friends.

Helping me get through this last stressful week is my supportive wife, my crazy kids & my Chaka Khan playlist!

I’ve been listening to non-stop Chaka & it has been totally helping focus. I had no idea that she had the effect on me until last Sunday.

“I Know You, I Live You” is giving me new life! In fact, it will be my theme song for my mini vacation next week. Every vacation needs a good theme song!