Here’s a quick snapshot from a senior portrait session that I held this weekend in my studio space with Laureal Hamilton-Jackson.

Laureal is currently a graduating senior from Detroit’s Cass Technical high school & she will be a freshman this fall at Michigan State University.

Our session was fun filled as we mostly laughed our way through nearly 4 hours of clothing & scene changes. She’s lucky that she’s family because….

Oh and yes, I said studio space baby! It feels good having my own space to go to so that I can work on projects & bring clients. I was so ready 2 years ago for space or so I tell myself. Fortunately, the space came at the right time; when the universe willed it.

So now that I have built it, will they come? I have things aligned & looking forward to seeing what my effort will bring.

We will see what happens next! Will I be ready???

BTW, you can see a few more outtakes from Laureal’s shoot here.

And And And… I want to send a special shout out to my little sister Sade for backing me up as an assistant today!  She’s not interested in photography but was willing to help out her big brother.