Yesterday, I did something that I said I would never do again after my fiasco last year. The promise I made to myself was to never to venture downtown Detroit on opening day at Tiger Stadium.

Last year was the 1st time that I experienced the crazed madness of opening day & it was truly a mess! Drunken baseball fans every where, people (men & women) pissing in alley ways, women passed out in the streets, fights, vomiting & just about anything you can imagine.

I was so turned off hence the promise not to make that same mistake twice.

So how did I wind up breaking the promise to myself? I still don’t know. Maybe it was my intense need to have a cocktail or two to wind down my week of extreme highs & lows?

At any rate, I made my way downtown & was able to find a parking space right outside of the Centaur, my favorite watering hole, so I guess it was meant to be.

I walk up to the door & some bouncer type guy was like 10 bucks to get in. I’m like bitch I’m a regular, I’m not paying to get up in here to possible get vomited on my one or more these over indulged baseball fans.

OK so I’m in.

The place was packed like I’ve never seen before. Like way worse than when the Super Bowl was in Detroit.

So I meet a couple of friends that had been hanging out & we just watch the madness surrounding us. It was almost like observing a social experiment with hundreds of crazed drunken white folk. Nothing but laughs!

While I’m chilling I stumble into this group of young people who are like have a toast with us. I’m no! I don’t know you & I proceeded to walk away & they were like come on have a toast with us.

I gave in to get them off my case.

OK, fast-forward 45 minutes later… I pay my tab & I’m out the bar headed to a meeting when I spot this guy in his undies just chilling on the sidewalk. Turns out he was with the people that I did the toast with a bit earlier.

Then I notice that all of his friends were around. I egged him on to take it off so that I could take his picture & so did others on the street.

A minute or so later, I pop the lock to my car & get in to take off but before I do, the people that I did the toast with were opening my car doors & like climbing into my car. Eight people just like fucking randomly got into my five passenger vehicle. I’m like WTF is going on & why am I letting this happen.

I was like WTF are you guys doing…. Then they were like come hang with us. I’m like no, get out of my car please. Then they were like can you give us a ride to the Old Shillelagh. I reluctantly said yes. WTF was I thinking?

All the while I’m driving these eight people in my five-passenger vehicle, I’m hoping that I don’t get pulled over for a moving violation. Again, WTF was I thinking?

As a side note, during the drive I played Erykah Badu’s “Turn Me Away (Get Munny)” and my random passengers love it.

Anyway, four minutes later, we arrive at their final destination & my passengers start to file out of the car all while I block traffic & have a city bus blowing at me.

Before they took off, one of the girls was like “Tafari, give me your card.” I’m like shit but I get out of the car to give it to her then next thing I know I’m doing group hugs with my eight new random friends. And the city bus is still behind my car & the driver is looking pissed.

As I turned to get back into my car, the one girl pictured above gave me 20 bucks, hugged me & said thanks again.

Now I’m back in the car taking off before this damn bus rams my car. As I’m driving off I laugh, wonder WTF just happened and figuring that white people must simply love me.