This weekend I had my 1st Vietnamese cuisine experience & as I type this message, I’m wishing that I had a plate of Ch? Giò in front of my big face now!

Ever since I saw the review for Dà Nang Restaurant in the latest Hour Magazine, I had to make a trip there myself to see if the food was as great as it sounded & looked in the magazine.

Well, two weeks after reading that review, I can now say that Dà Nang is totally all that & a cup of fish sauce!

Cousin Dee & I eagerly made the 51-mile drive Saturday afternoon. A very long drive indeed, but I’m willing to travel for a GREAT meal.

So we get to the restaurant & as we walk in, we were warmly greeted by the restaurants owner Kim Dao-Waldis. To make it even better, Kim acknowledged that she recognized me as a member of the Dà Nang FB fan page. Talk about knowing your customer!

After being seated, we studied the hard to choose from menu. And I mean it was hard to choose from. But this is what I decided on! (pictured above left to right)

Cha Giò (Imperial Rolls) – Ground chicken mixed with fresh vegetables, deep fried and served a fish sauce. These were a fried food junky dream come true. The rolls were nice & spicy. The sauce took them to another level of deliciousness!!!

Lemongrass Chicken Wings – Seasoned with lemon grass & served with peanut sauce. These were the business!!!! They were even better when I added some of Kim’s special smoked hot sauce. Luckily, Cousin Dee let me have the last two. Mmmmmm!

Bún Thit Gà Nurong Cha Giò (Grilled Boneless Chicken, Imperial Roll with Vermicelli) – Grilled chicken breast and imperial roll served on a bed of lettuce, mint, cucumber, cilantro, green onion & vermicelli topped with crushed peanuts and house special sauce. OMG, this was so damn good! The portion was humongous & certainly enough for two. The dish was spicy, sweet & tangy with each bite! The mint was such a nice touch.

Overall, I am now cracked out on Vietnamese & definitely willing to experiment more. The exceptional & personal service that we experienced at ?à N?ng was perfect! The décor was warm while being nice & simple without the clichéd look that so many ethnic restaurants have.

I’m already looking forward to visiting again when the weather is warmer so that I can enjoy patio eating! Cannot wait!

And on a weird somewhat superficial note, I always look at a restaurants restroom. A nasty restroom means a big complaint & no return. In the case of Dà Nang, that mofo was so clean & nicely decorated. I’m just saying.