You may have heard the sad news that Emmy winning TV writer, producer & loved blogger David Mills aKa “Undercover Black Man” passed week.

David’s sudden death came as a huge shock! His last blog post was 3/29/10 & it has been flooded with messages of condolences.

Another factor of this loss is that David was a writer on the upcoming HBO show “Treme,” which deals with the drama in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. Treme is set to debut April 11, 2010 & you can see a preview of Treme here. I’ll be watching!

David’s talent, humor & love of music will surely be missed!

So a related lighter note, my girl Thembi of “What Would Thembi Do” pointed to me to one of David’s blog posts where he interviewed Eldridge Cleaver.

The interview covered a lot of ground but my point of interest was the topic of fashion. Yes fashion. Who knew that Angry old Eldrigde could have had people talking at NYC fashion week?

Here is a portion of the interview:

MILLS: A few years ago, you were in the news for designing pants for men with a pouch in front to contain the genitals. Whatever became of those pants?

CLEAVER: As far as a business venture? I’m not a businessman so I wasn’t able to do any spectacular business. I lost money. But from an aesthetic point of view, from the point of view of clothing, I think this whole thing has been misunderstood.

My design had to do with an argument against what’s being done with our clothing. Who controls our clothing? If you notice, the clothing industry is dominated by homosexuals. They want men and women to look basically the same.

There are a lot of problems involved in the design of men’s clothing. The way our clothing is designed right now requires a man to wear his genitals in either his right or his left pants leg. There are a lot of implications to that. Scientifically, it’s been determined that that structure generates a lot of heat that has a decomposing effect on sperm. There’s a whole warping effect that comes from wearing your genitals in your pants leg.

There’s a lot of evil in society that comes from clothing. Most of us are completely ignorant of this. One of the things that distinguishes us from animals is that we have the control of our second skin. This is a great power, because we can go underwater, we can go to the moon, we can go to the desert, to Alaska, because we just don’t have scales or hair. We have a technology where we manage our second skin.

This is a sacred responsibility, yet like many other things it is dealt with frivolously. And one of the most obnoxious things that is happening today is what the homosexuals are doing to our clothing.

If you view your pants as an extension of the fig leaf – which is what clothing really is, symbolically speaking – you begin to see that this is very intimately connected with the whole condition of man in the world. Scripturally, the fig leaf came about as a fallout from the fall of man. And I think from that point on, we’ve made a lot of trouble for ourselves by the way we handle our clothing.

All that I can say is, I’m sure he hated Ms Celie’s “FolksPants!” Nothing more. Nothing less.

You can read more from the interview here:

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Kinda funny where conversations can lead when discussing Easter outfits. Thx Thembi!