Today I had an interview for a HR position within my current organization that I was very excited about.

Without jinxing myself too much, I won’t talk on the job etc but I do want to share one of the fun moments from the interview.

So it was a team interview, 5 of them, 1 of me, oh my. The question & answers where flying back & forth smoothly without any drama of flubs by me. That is things went smoothly until I was asked the most interesting question that I’ve been asked on an interview ever.

The question was, if you could be any animal what would you be and why. My interviewers all looked amused by the questions & eagerly awaited my answer.  I could see it in their eyes, all 10 of them.

I took a deep breath & in my mind, I was like, this is going to be fun as I started to explain that I would be a puffin.

My interviews all looked intrigued by my out of the box start. I loved that!!!

I said that I would be a puffin because like the puffin, I am used to surviving (metaphorically speaking) in an environment that was ever shifting & unpredictable, much like the world of human resources. Puffins have to think & act quickly if they are to survive & escape predators and so do HR professionals who often have to think quick, adapt to fit the situation & chart new courses of action.

Plus puffins are attractive & make people smile. That’s all me boo!

My puffin/HR comparison then spun off another discussion about adaptability & flexibility within my perspective work place.

Admittedly, my paraphrased response is kinda cheesy maybe even wack but it sounded better when I talked it out. Overall I’m guessing that my comparison & subsequent discussion indicates a successfully answered question.

Now I’m curious to know how my competition will answer this question, if asked.

I’ll find out if I make the cut for a 2nd interview next week. If this works out, this would be my first position in HR, which is my field of study. My fingers are crossed!

Photo Credit: Craig Jones


I got an email shortly after posting this message from the director of HR for a follow up interview.  It’s set for tomorrow 3/24. Wow.  I will be walking back up in that piece in a puffin state of mind!


I had the interview with the director & manager of HR & the meeting went just as well as the meeting with the HR team the previous day. From all of the information presented during the 2 meetings, I’m pumped about this job but trying not to explode & count my chickens before they are hatched.

So for now, I will rest knowing that my interviewing & presentation skills are still sharp as a hookers razor blade.