Can you guess what all of the following phrases have in common?

  • Lil Kim naked
  • Swastika tattoo
  • CNN  Steve Perry’s hairline
  • Uneducated Negro pictures
  • Black athletes love fried chicken
  • Why do black people like watermelon
  • Guy panties
  • How to butt clap
  • How old is too old for cornrows
  • Dog dick stuck in me
  • Can I put my wedding on my resume
  • Who gon check me boo
  • Things white people say

Give up? Well, these are some of the many phrases that will bring up my blog during a web engine search.

I swear sometimes I just check my web stats to see what kinds of mess lands people on my blog.

Yes, I know it’s all my fault for having discussed some of the topics in the past but I know that I have never talked about a dog dick being stuck in anyone! NEVER!

Damn you Google. Damn you!!!