While out & about last Saturday at Monahan’s Seafood Market searching for red snapper to make my ceviche, I ran into local photographer Lisa Monahan. Lisa noticed my camera & coincidentally, we saw that we had the same model.

As we talked, I also noticed that she was shooting with the Nikkor 10.5mm fish eye lens that I want and she eyed my 24-70mm, which she has an interest in. Not too soon afterward, we eagerly swapped lenses to play around a bit & boy do I want that lens. Will I be able to resist?

While we talked camera lenses, I made a connection. I have been seeing & admiring Lisa’s work around Ann Arbor & now here she is with me swapping lenses. How awesomely random.

So funny how I was out searching for fish & wound up talking shop & lenses with another camera happy artist.