The tasty looking jicama & fennel slaw recipe that I saw last year on The Hungry Mouse inspired me to try my own version. This is a very easy side dish / snack to make & the flavors burst!

1 Jicama root (about 2-3 lbs)
1 Red & green jalapeño
1 Cup red cabbage
1 Carrot
5 tbsp Honey
2 tsp White wine vinegar
½ Cup olive oil
½ Cup freshly squeezed lime juice
A Shot of your favorite tequila

Honey Lime Vinaigrette:
– Combine your wet ingredients (olive oil, fresh lime juice, honey, white wine vinegar) in a mixing bowl & whisk vigorously.
– Salt & pepper to taste
– Set aside
– Consume your tequila shot

>>>OK, now the fun part!<<<

– Peel your jicama root then julliene into nice small strips
– Dice your jalapeños
– Shred your carrot
– Shred your red cabbage. (I cheated with Dole bagged shredded cabbage)
– Mince 5-6 cilantro sprigs
– Combine all of your cut veggies & vinaigrette into a large mixing bowl & stir like crazy
– Salt & pepper to taste
– Chill then serve

With my slaw, I served chicken sautéed in salsa & blanched asparagus spears.

This recipe serves 5 & my kids love it!

Jicama root facts:
– A legume from Mexico and it can be eaten raw or cooked The roots are light brown in color, and may weigh up to 50 pounds.

– Has the texture of waterchestnuts & quite crispy. The flavor is that of a barely sweet apple.

– Packed with vitamin C, and used as a source of starch. One serving of jicama equals 1 cup, which contains about 45 calories.