This summer my blog will be 5 years old! Wow!!!

Since I started blogging, I have gone through several blog content metamorphoses.

I started off talking about nothing in particular, then started talking about pop culture (mostly movies, weird news stories & music), then I started blogging about race, which is where I think I peaked in terms of reader interest.

When I blogged about race & inequality I started off with good intentions, but that soon grew into me blogging as an angry Black man.

During my blogging as an angry Black man period, I was getting 10k hits a month and this attracted all kinds of comments & interactions. Funny thing is, I didn’t realize that I was an angry Black man until mid 2009. This is about 2 years after I entered the angry zone.

I mentioned my reader drop off on Twitter earlier today & this is what some of my contacts there had to say:

“Anger sells, like sex. Maybe u shoud write abt sex?”

“ppl like fuckery”

“we went through the same thing…people like anger & controvesy more than pleasant isht for some reason. Look at reality TV”

Interesting… True???

Now I wonder if I was really writing for myself or for an audience. This brings to mind a quote by writer Cyril Connolly (thx Jovan)

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”

Did I lose myself? I don’t think so but at this point, I guess it doesn’t matter.

After I got my mind right & calmed down is when I decided to change the tone & scope of my blog. Since that point, my traffic is looking more like 3k hits per month.

I’m OK with whatever traffic I get here on my blog/journal & I’m happy that I’m writing for myself.